Dear Parents and Hoopsters,

Thanks to all who helped make our last season of Boca Hoops a great success. It is our goal to make this upcoming season even better. We have written this handbook as a reference guide that all parents and players need to read in order to be better informed. We, at Boca Hoops want to thank all the Sponsors, Financial Contributors, Coaches, Volunteers, the City of Boca Raton Recreation Department and the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Parks District for their assistance during the past year. We look forward to working with you this season. Your comments are always appreciated.

Jody Forstot

Mike Doyle
Executive Athletic Director

John Von Stetten
Athletic Director


Boca Hoops is about…
Teaching the game,
Learning the game,
Respecting the game,
Respecting each other.


A. Teach players the skills and the game of basketball.
B. Give ALL players equal attention and help regardless of their skill level.
C. Help players have fun and enjoy playing basketball.
D. Teach teamwork and help one another to play to the best of their ability.
E. Develop a positive attitude about fair play.
F. Put winning in perspective. Striving to win is an essential part of all sports, but winning is only one goal among many. BOCA HOOPSTERS come first and winning is second.
G. Helping young people to develop values:

1. Self respect.
2. Respect for teammates
3. Respect for the other team
4. Respect for the officials, and rules
5. Respect for the fans

H. Supporting the Boca Hoops Motto

All players will play at least two (2) quarters per game. Every player must sit out at least a quarter of a game. A numbering rotation system will be in effect to guarantee playing time. Tournament playing time will be a similar rotation system with slight modifications.


All new players must attend a player evaluation during registration. The evaluation is closed to the public; no parents will be present. Time and place TBA


Mandatory coaches’ meeting will be held prior to the regular season.


Beginning of August


The Monday after Team Rosters distributed.


Weekend before Labor Day. (Practice games for all teams)


The weekend following the Labor Day Weekend.


The first week in November.


The Monday after the Regular Season ends.


The Friday and Saturday concluding the two weeks Playoff Tournament.

BOCA HOOPS participant’s playing age is the age of that player on September 1st. Upon written request to the Athletic Director, a player may receive permission to play up to the next age group. The Coed Division is excluded from this latter ruling. No player will be allowed to play down in a younger age group. (Example: A player who is 12 on Sept. 2nd would play in the under 11 division.)


Coed 7 years old Division *
9 & Under Boys Division- boys 8-9 yrs. old
10 & Under Girls Division- girls 9-10 yrs. old
11 & Under Boys Division- boys 10-11 yrs. old

12 & Under Girls Division- girls 11-12 yrs. old


*The Instructional Division is a Coed division of 7 yo boys and 7-8 yo girls. The main focus is to instruct the children on the basics of basketball. There is instruction on the basics of passing, dribbling, shouting and playing defense. On “game day” the teams participate in competitive drills and in playing a regulation game. The emphasis is on teaching the games fundamentals. Teamwork and sportsmanship are essential concepts that are reinforced. This will run during the regular Boca Hoops Season, August through November.


13 & Under Boys Division- boys 12-13 yrs. old
15 & Under Boys Division- boys 14-15 yrs. old
15 & Under Girls Division- girls 13-15 yrs. old


Children/young adults with disabilities 9-25 yrs. Old

The High-5 Division is a division of the Boca Hoops Recreation Basketball Program. This division is designed to enable the child and young adult with disabilities to participate in the game of basketball. Each player of this division has a B-Ball Buddy that works with that player to enable them to learn the skills of basketball and to learn sportsmanship and teamwork. The athletes with disabilities will experience the enjoyment of the game of basketball as part of the Boca Hoops Family. All participants must be nine (9) years old by September 1st, and no participant can be older than twenty-five (25) years old by September 1st. The High-5 Division will run during the regular Boca Hoops Season, August through November.

A. T-shirts may be worn under the jersey but must be the same color as the jersey.
B. No boxer shorts or biker shorts are to be worn under game shorts.
C. High-top sneakers are recommended for the players’ safety to avoid ankle injuries.
D. No jewelry is to be worn at practices or in games.
E. Mouth guards are strongly recommended.
F. Elastic straps for eyeglasses must be worn for safety.
G. No “hard” casts are to be worn during games.
H. All Junior Divisions will play with official women’s size basketball.
I. All Senior Boys Divisions will use men’s size basketball.
J. All Senior Girls Division will use women’s size basketball.
K. Jerseys must be tucked into game shorts when playing games.
L. No basketballs are to be brought into the gyms on game day by players.

A. The coach of each team shall be responsible the conduct and demeanor of assistant coaches, team volunteers, parents and players.
B. No person shall be allowed to argue, confront or abuse a referee, timekeeper, or scorekeeper.
C. Coaches shall be restricted to the bench area.
D. In case of injury, the referee shall decide if the game should be stopped. At that time the referee may allow a coach to attend the injured player. Parents and fans are not permitted on the court at any time during the game.
E. Any player ejected from the game is suspended for the next full game and the suspended player must attend the next game in “street clothes”, sitting on the bench with their teammates. Anyone failing to abide by these rules of conduct is subject to expulsion from the playing area by the referee, the Division Representative, Athletic Director, or any Boca Hoops Official. Failing to leave the area in an appropriate time when requested to do so, shall result in the forfeiture by the team with which the offending person is associated.

A. Supply a volunteer to work the score clock or the scorebook.
C. Be prepared to start play on scheduled time.
D. Have Player Rotation Line-Up sheets and scorebook filled out prior to the start of the game. Line-Up sheets will be exchanged between coaches prior to the game.
E. Team captains are to be selected before each game and will report to referee prior to the start of the game.

  • A. Attend all practices and games. If a player is unable to attend a game or practice notify your coach as soon as possible.
  • B. Boca Hoops allows one practice per week during the regular season. Players are expected to attend weekly practice. Continuous absences from practices can result in the non-participation in games or removal from the program.
  • C. All players should be at game locations one- half hour prior to the starting time of the game.

A. April prior to Boca Hoops Season.

1) Re-registration dates for returning players.
2) Open registration dates for new players and returning players who did not register at any of the re-registration dates.

B. Registration fee will be set prior to registration dates.
C. Registration fee is non-refundable and will be considered a “donation” to the program.

A. All coaches registered by Boca Hoops, Inc. Must complete a coach’s application.

B. Background checks are performed on all participating coaches.

C. All coaches are required to be certified by Positive Coaching Alliance (Stanford University)

D. All coaches will follow and obey all Boca Hoops rules and abide by the Boca Hoops “Culture”.

Rules & Regulations


1. In accordance with the Florida High School Athletic Associations regulations, players, coaches, parents, and fans are subject to removal or ejection from a game and the gymnasium due to fighting, arguing and / or use of foul language. If a player, coach, or parent refuses to cooperate forfeiting the game will penalize their team.

2. Player fighting results in the ejection from the game and a one (1) game suspension. Players must be present for the next game, in street clothes and must sit on the bench with his team.

3. Boca Hoops prohibits taunting (“trash talking”) by players, coaches, parents, and fans, and at the discretion of the referee, can result in the ejection from the game and the gymnasium.

4. Two (2) technical fouls committed by any player or coach will result in ejection from the game.

5. Three (3) technical fouls committed by any player or coach will result in forfeiture of the game.

6. All coaches must be registered and approved by Boca Hoops.

7. Only registered coaches are allowed to be on the bench.

8. All players must wear basketball shoes.

9. No jewelry or earrings are allowed to be worn. No metal or plastic hair clips are allowed to be worn in the hair. (Earrings are to be removed. No tape covering of earrings is allowed.

10. Players must stay on the bench with their team. No wandering around the gym. No sitting in the bleachers with their family, friends, etc.


1. If a coach’s box is marked or designated by the referee, coaches must stand within the coach’s box boundaries. If there is no coach’s box, the coach must remain seated during the game play, except to call time out.

2. Each player will play at least nine (9) minutes per game. Playing time for each player during the 4th quarter is at the coach’s discretion.

4. A three-point shot will be allowed in the U13B,U15G, U15B Divisions only.

5. Each team is awarded bonus foul shots when the opposing team has committed seven (7) team fouls during that half.

6. Five (5) fouls committed by individual player results in the removal from the game.

7. A technical foul is considered a personal foul.

8. All games must start on the hour and end no later than five (5) minutes before the next hour. Playing time of a game consists of a 55 minutes. The referee will have the discretion to institute a “running clock” in the 4th quarter if deemed necessary to complete the game on time. In the event of a “running clock”, the game clock will stop for a called time out. An overtime period will only be played if there are at least ten (10) minutes remaining in the allotted 55 minutes. There will only be one, two-minute overtime period with one (1) time-out added to each team during the overtime period. Unused time-outs from the 2nd half of regulation time will carry over to the overtime period. Some games may end in a tie.

9. Each team must have five (5) players to commence the game. If a team does not have five (5) players within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time, that team will forfeit the game. They may still play a practice game if they choose during the allotted time. A team may finish a game with less than five (5) players.

10. Only one practice a week is allotted once the regular season begins, until the start of the Boca Hoops Tournament.

11. If a player fouls out or is injured and cannot return to play, during the rotation system, the opposing coach has the option to select the replacement player.

12. If a player is removed from the game (fouls out or injured) that team must stay with the original number rotation for that game. The rotation may not be changed. The player selected as the “substitute” will play in that player’s normal rotation slot and in the slot of the removed player.

13. Any player removed from the game because of injury must return to the game if they recover from their injury. The returning player shall resume their normal rotation slot status.

14. If a player arrives during the 1st quarter, they may play in the 2nd quarter, provided the coach moves up one rotation number and keeps the first five players in the original slots 1 through 5 players. The late arriving player must be slotted as the last player in the rotation. If a player arrives during the 2nd or 3rd quarter that player may only play in the 4th quarter at the coach’s discretion.

15. In the case of only six (6) players showing for a game, the coach will be able to substitute freely, making sure all players participate in at least half of the game (12 minutes of playing time). During the regular season the opposing team will play the appropriate rotation for the number of players in attendance for the game. During the End of Year Tournament, the opposing coach can substitute freely.(See Tournament rules.)

16. Each team must carry a full ten (10) player roster. No team will receive and advantage with a smaller roster. If your team is short a player or if any player is not showing up on a regular basis, call your Division Rep. There are players on the waiting list and you will get the next available player who is rated closest to the player who has left the team. Do not keep playing with a short roster. Your team will be penalized if you continue to play short and do not report it to the league officials. Exception: Rosters will not be changed or added to after the 5th game of the season.

17. Time outs: 2 time outs per half. No carry over from one half to another except in overtime, where unused time outs will carry over.

18. The coach must have rotation sheets filled out before the start of the game. A copy must be provided for the opposing coach. Failure to have the rotation form filled out on time will result in a technical (team) foul and loss of possession of the ball at the start of the game.

19. Full-court press rule:

* No full-court pressing in the Junior Divisions (boys and girls).

* No full-court pressing in the Under 12 Girls Division.

* Defenders can pick up the offense at half court.

20. Under 9 boys and Under 10 girls play using a 9-foot basket. Coed division play on 8-foot basket.

21. Official men’s basketballs will be used in the Senior Boys Divisions. All other divisions will use official women’s size basketball.


1. Jersey sizes- there are the same set number of sizes per team per division. Assign small to large jerseys to the small to large players

2. If a player drops out of the program, make sure that player returns their jersey so it can be used for the acquired player off the waiting list that will replace the drop out player.

3. There will be no extra markings (stick on letters, names, sayings, etc.) on the Boca Hoops uniforms. All players must keep the uniforms as they were issued.

4. Only same color T-shirts may be worn under jerseys.

5. No boxer shorts or compression shorts shall extend below Boca Hoops shorts.

6. ONLY Boca Hoops shorts will be worn.

7. If a player loses a jersey, it can be replaced by a shirt of the same color with a stenciled #0 on the front and back. A replacement jersey (of lost a jersey), if time allows, will be obtained at the expense of the player who lost the jersey.

8. All players must have their jerseys tucked in during the game.

9. Coaches are expected to wear their “uniform”, their Boca Hoops coach’s shirt to all games.

10. No hats may be worn during the games or warm-ups for games.


1. All team members should be ready to play at game starting time.

2. Have Rotation Line-Up sheet filled out before the game.

3. Scorekeepers and Timers: It is the responsibility of both coaches to have a scorekeeper and timer ready at the start of the game.

4. Make all game substitutions quickly.


1. Each coach is responsible for actions of the parents and fans of the players on their team.

2. The player bench is for the players and coaches and NOT for friends, family or fans.


1. Use good judgement by not running up the score or by pressing. Substitute your less skilled players in the event of a game “blow out”.


Protests may be based only on claims of misinterpretation of rules by the referee. The protest must be in writing and delivered to the Division Representative or Hoops Official within 24 hours after the game being protested. Only the head coach may lodge the protest. No protest will be acted on if the protesting coach has withdrawn their team from the game (forfeiting the game). The Division Representatives and the Boca Hoops Athletic Director shall decide all appeals. If either of the mentioned officials has a child involved in the protest, that official will not participate in the ruling. There are no further appeals of the decision made by the Boca Hoops Officials, who can require the game to be replayed. (Either part of the game or of the entire game)