Boca Hoops is the youth recreational basketball program for the children of the Boca Raton metropolitan area. To be eligible to participate in Boca Hoops you must live within the designated boundaries (see the boundary section below) and must be at least 7 years old by September 1st of the season you would be playing. Girls participating in Boca Hoops can play until their 16th birthday. (Cannot turn 17 years old on September 1st of the playing season). Boys can participate up until their 15th birthday. If a boy does not play school basketball (freshman, J.V. or Varsity) he can participate in the under 17 league (played Jan. through March) up until their 17th birthday but cannot be 18 years old on September 1st prior to the playing season.

The regular Hoops season commences with team notification and practices beginning at the end of August. The “Jamboree”, round robin exhibition games, is traditionally played the weekend after Labor Day. The following week starts the regular season of games.

The Instructional Division is a Coed division of seven (7) year old children. The main focus is to instruct the children on the basics of basketball. There is instruction on the basics of passing, dribbling, shouting and playing defense. On “game day” the teams participate in competitive drills and in playing a regulation game. The emphasis is on teaching the games fundamentals. Teamwork and sportsmanship are essential concepts that are reinforced.

The regular season ends the first weekend in November. The next week begins the Boca Hoops Single Elimination Tournament Playoffs, where all teams participate. The Tournament Championship Finals (see Tournament history section) of all eight divisions takes place at Sugar Sand Park Field House (Boca Hoops Home Court Site) the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.