Dear Camper and Parents:

Welcome to Boca Hoops Basketball Camps. Each session will offer a different phase of the game of basketball. Each week you spend with us will be an instructional and learning session designed to prepare you with improved skills and better knowledge of the sport. As camp director, I am confident that the time you spend with us learning basketball will be the most rewarding and unique experiences of your young life. In addition to exposure to all phases of the sport, you will meet and play with some of your peers who also share an interest in the game. Most of all we want you to have FUN playing the game of basketball.

The Boca Hoops Camps will feature a dedicated and professional staff that will foster the concept of learning the game for the beginner and improving the skills for the advanced player.

Boca Hoops has three Camps: Holiday (Winter Break), Spring Break and Summer Camps. Click your selection of Camps for more information.

Hope to see you on the court!

Mike Doyle
Boca Hoops Camps Director