The Boca Hoops Board of Directors proclaims the creation of the Robert Mufson Sportsmanship Award commencing with the Boca Hoops 2000 Season. This award presentation will be an annual event taking place at the Boca Hoops Tournament Championship Finals.

The Robert Mufson Sportsmanship Award is to be given to one player from each team. This player has shown the courage to be themselves. They have shown their love for the “game of basketball”, and have balanced the desire to win, with the enjoyment of playing the game. This player does not have to be the special athlete but rather a special person who understands the meaning of sportsmanship. A player who truly cares about others, such as players, either teammates or opponents, coaches, referees, and parents.

This award is a landmark in Boca Hoops tradition by recognizing a quality in our children other than pure athleticism.

The Recipients of the Robert Mufson Sportsmanship Award are listed belowby year. The Boca Hoops Volunteers, coaches, and Board of directors would like to congratulate all of these young athletes for their outstanding sportsmanship for their respective Boca Hoops Season. Use the links below to view the recipients.

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The Robert Mufson Sportsmanship Award is given in the name of Robert Mufson, a man that coached and sponsored in Boca Hoops, from its inception with us, in 1989. Unfortunately, Robert Mufson, passed away in April of 2002 after a 2 year battle with cancer.

Robert was a man who truly loved the game of basketball and the players he coached. He believed the game was more than wins and losses. He believed in respect for one another, teamwork and sportsmanship.