Boca Hoops is a proud member of the Postive Coaching Alliance.

All of our coaches are encouraged to participate in these classes to help promote a positive experience for all of our athletes and their parents. As a continued member of the PCA, our coaches have earned the Double-Goal Coach™ Certificate. Below is a list of criteria set forth by the PCA to accomplish this certification. To read more about Positive Coaching Alliance, please visit their site :


Double-Goal Coach™

Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons
This workshop introduces PCA’s Double-Goal Coach™model and provides an in depth review of the three Principles around which it is built:

• Honor the Game
• Fill Emotional Tanks
• Redefine “Winner”

Supporting research is presented from experts in coaching, education and sports psychology. Every participant gains access to dozens of practical, proven tools to increase success during their next practice or competition.

Culture,Practices and Games
Some teams have fun, work hard and achieve great things. Most do not. This interactive workshop shows how great coaches build a culture that calls forth the best in people, including:

• Elements of team culture that encourage athletes to give 100% effort and strive for excellence
• “10-step Guide”to productivepractice sessions that reinforce team culture and maximizeresults, even with the time constraints many coaches face
• The Art of Game Coaching

Coaching the Mental Game
All athletes experience anxiety under competitivepressure. Some rise to the occasion and performat their best, but manywither. This interactive workshop provides proven, practical tools for coaches to build self-confidence in their players by discussing the following topics:

• Characteristics of great competitors
• “The High Road Framework”for helping athletes view pressure as a privilege
• Off-field tools to prepare for competition
• On-field tools that can be used in the heat of competition to maintain and regain focus

Developing Competitors –A workshop for HS Coaches
This workshop is designed especiallyfor high school-level coaches who are determined to help athletes make the journey from sports “participant”to true “competitor.”

A Double-Goal Coach understands that a true competitor is someone who is always striving to make himself/herself better and who is more ready to compete the next play.

Benefits include a dozen specific exercises for coaches to help student-athletes improve: