The Boca Hoops Volunteer Hall of Fame is a special honor given to those people that have gone beyond the usual volunteerism. They have given Boca Hoops numerous hours of their time over many Boca Hoops’ Seasons. To them all, the Boca Hoops Family says “Thank you!”

* founders
** sponsored 27 consecutive seasons

Jody Forstot *
Mike Doyle *
Bob Mullin *
Greg Ryder
David Riggs
John Von Stetten

Angelo Fiorini
Joe Sabia
Ron Tacy
Benita Appel
Jim Dawson
Jan Schuman

Gary Cohen
Larry Schner
Cliff Merritt
Gary McKay
Jason Forstot
Bryan Bricker

Cindy Broderick
Herb Bopp
Stan Williams
Kathy Williams
Robert Mufson

Bob Lopker
Steve Roy
Judy Doyle
Bob Davis (The Voice of Boca Hoops)
Josh Gannon

Jeff Walcheski
Marc Hopin
The Deveraeux Family
The Gillespie Family
Dan Gabrielle (Mr Registration)

Awards by Academy (Academy Trophies) **
Dr Jody Forstot **
The Volunteer Physicians **
Rheumatology Associates of S Florida
RASF Clinical Research Center of S Florida
Tomasso’s Pizza
Boca Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Inc.
The Beacon Group
TSS Photography
Victory Wholesale Goup
Dr Barry Matza
Dr Peter Wohglemuth
Krumholtz Orthodontics
Dr Steven Reznick
Jon Harvey /The Mersand Family
Palm Beach Institute of Sports Medicine
Marc Kravit
Flagcraft, Inc
Dr Michael Falkowitz
Dr Rothstein
MCL Consultants Inc
Smiles by Dr W & Dr R

Dave Condon (Referee)
Jim Richards (Referee)
Joshua Forstot (Web Design) (Boca Hoops Alumni)
Todd Doyle (logo Design) (Boca Hoops Alumni)
Boca Raton Community Middle School
Boca Raton Community High School NROTC
Bob Lively (Referee)
Bill Lasher (Referee)
Laccca Bromell (Referee)
Joel Duberstein (Referee)

Tony Kornheiser
Michael Wilbon
Wali Jones
Dick Vitale