Over the past 20 years, Boca Hoops has continued to provide a basketball outlet for the youth of Boca Raton as well as help enrich their lives and better the community of these athletes. Below are some of the contributions that are made by the Boca Hoops Family of Volunteers:

1] Providing a recreation basketball program for over 1350 boys and girls of the metropolitan area of Boca Raton, Florida. (ages 8 to 17 years old)

2] Conducting 8 weeks of Summer camp for the children of South Florida.(ages 8 to 15 years old)

3] Conducting 2 weeks of specialized basketball camp with the Boca Hoops “Select Camps”; a specialized basketball camp sessions for the highly skilled children playing basketball ( over 200 children enrolled; ages 12 to 16 years old)

4] Conducting a “Holiday Camp” in December for the children of Boca Raton. (over 100 children enrolled: ages 8 to 15 years old)

5] Providing community service time for the boys and girls of the 5 local high schools in the Boca Raton metropolitan area. The students assist in coaching and instructing the children in the Boca Hoops program and officiate at games.

6] Donating equipment to the local schools :
• Baskets and nets
• Basketballs
• Clocks/Timers/Possession Arrows
• Computer Equipment

7] Financial Aid to local schools to purchase uniforms for their teams.

8] Boca Hoops volunteers providing services to the local Boca Raton schools :
• Refinishing gymnasium floors (donating all supplies)
• Providing paint and provide the painting service to the local school facilities that needed refinishing
• Relining outdoor basketball courts at the local schools
• Boca Hoops volunteers providing services to local middle and high school basketball teams

9] Boca Hoops Volunteers volunteering for “Project Graduations” at the local high schools to help provide on-campus activities for the graduating seniors on graduation night.

10] Donating supplies to the local schools :
• Copiers
• Computers
• Computer printer
• Copier paper

11] Established the Palm Beach County High School Seniors’ All Star Basketball Classic to showcase the best high school seniors, boys and girls, representing all the schools of Palm Beach County.

12] Donating basketball equipment to the Boca Raton City Parks and Recreation department.

13] Lobbied for 3 years to get a field house approved at the local city park, Sugar Sands Park. This facility is a multipurpose facility providing housing for basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and other gym related activities. Boca Hoops helped design the 17,000-sq. ft. basketball facility within the field house.

The field house is the main Home Court site for Boca Hoops, housing a majority of Hoops season games and the site for the Boca Hoops Tournament Finals Championship Weekend.

The field house is the main Home Court site for the Boca Hoops Travel teams. (The field house was the site of the 1st Palm Beach County Youth Travel Basketball League Finals.)

14] Boca Hoops has advised other city recreation programs about establishing youth basketball programs, with the Boca Hoops Program as the prototype program plan.

15] Participated in the Palm Beach County Adopt-a Highway program

16] A founding member of the Palm Beach County Youth Basketball Travel League.

17] Established the fund raiser Free Throw Contest held on Championship Weekend [Proceeds go to the Connor Moran Children’s Cancer Foundation].

18] High 5 Division – Boca Hoops Division for children with disabilities.