14 Sep
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Week #1 Boca Hoops Game Day Scores


Girls Under 10
CLEARLYDERM 14, 4TH GENERATION ORGANIC MARKET 10: 4th Generation Organic Market: Lior Solberman, Eva Galvez (offense), Charlie Shapiro, Lior Silberman (defense).
HERITAGE INVESTMENT GROUP 14, COMPREHENSIVE HOME CARE 7: Heritage Investment Group: Savannah Burke (offense), Hannah Fassberg (defense).
A PLACE FOR TICKETS 16, DR. PETER WOHLGEMUTH  10: Dr. Peter Wohlgemuth: Brooke McGrath (offense), Brianna Ledy (defense).
Girls Under 12
POSITIVE IMPACT SOLUTIONS: Positive Impact Solutions: Brooke Jennings (offense), Alyson Martinez (defense).
COMPREHENSIVE HOME CARE 21, DOC JOX  15: Comprehensive Home Care: Catherine Bell (offense), Allison Kaplan (defense).  Doc Jox: Katerina Spiliopoulos (offense), Monique Whitfield (defense).
ALTERRA HOME LOANS 22, CAMARDA BUILDER GATORS 12: Camarda Builder Gators: Jada Fernandez, Isabella Camarda (offense), Lexi Snadely, Jade Tacy (defense).
METZGER TWIN MAULERS 17, ALLEGIANCE HOME HEALTH & REHA 11: Metzger Twin Maulers: Adriana Metzger (offense), Natalie Carrillo (defense).
ALLEGIANCE HOME HEALTH & REHA 19, POSITIVE IMPACT SOLUTIONS 8: ALLEGIANCE HOME HEALTH & REHA: Aubrey Deptula, Victoria Carbone (offense), Britt Rosenstein, Katerina Spiliopoulos (denfense).
PROVENANCE 25, CORPORATE PROPERTY SERVICES INC 15: Corporate Property Services Inc: Brooke McDonald (offense), Laura Castro (defense).

Under 15 Girls




 Under 9 Boys

 BOCA AIR CONDITIONING, HEATING AND VENTILATION 18, BISCAYNE FOODS 15: Biscayne foods: John Vincent, Evan Bourne (offense), McJeffrey Voltaire, Marcus Weiss (defense).

 HEAT 20, GREEN CAPITAL REALTY ADVISORS 12: Heat: Matthew Stenberg, Ben Cartwright (offense), Mason Schwartz, Bradian Longo (defense).

 EXPAND THE ROOM 22, FLAGCRAFT INC. 10: Flagcraft INC. Simon Koziol (offense), Ayush Gowda, Ryan Koziol (defense).

 Under 11 Boys

 DOC JOX 24, RESOLUTE ANESTHESIA 12: Resolute Anesthesia: David Coffer, Hayden Carson (offense), Caden Garcia, Cole Corrigan (defense).

EXCELL AUTO GROUP 31, DOC JOX 29: Doc Jox: David Coffer, Kevin Cunha (offense), Justin Gottlieb, Spencer Vogel (defense).

 AZMATACKERS 20, DC CONSTRUCTION 18: DC Construction: Joey Mossey, Shane Connor (offense), Talen Pankey, Ryan Jarrett (defense).

TAR HEELS 31, BRODERICKS BOYS 23: Tar Heels: Sam Forstot, Max Hattem (offense), Alex Mark, Daniel Devarona (defense).

 BOCA HEAT, PALM BEACH PAIN 76ERS: Boca Heat: Kobe Benson, Matther Fleissig (offense), Von Duval, Ty Jaffy. (defense).

HEATH & CARCIOPPOLLO CHTD 55, FELDMAN & GETZ LLP 40: Feldman & Getz LLP: Michael Treynker, Ben Feldman (offense), Houston Barenholtz, Isaiah Ortiz (defense).

BALKAN & PATTERSON LLP 47, FELDMAN & GETZ LLP 40: Feldman & Getz LLP Michael Walsh, Evan Bach (offense), Alex Creighton, Jesse Rivera (defense).

BOCA HEAT, THUNDER: Boca Heat: Samuel Siemens, Nicholas Romano (offense), Jack Puchalaski, Adam Knowles (defense).

TAR HEELS 30, HEAT 15: Heat: Ryan Brauner (offense), Jonathan Shavitz (defense).

ELC & THE NIGHT OWLS 34, DC CONSTRUCTION 28: ELC & the night owls: Ian Noble, Jack Dougherty, Jack Alperstein (offense), Ian Noble, Jack Alperstein, Nick Demartinis (defense), DC Construction: Brewer Applegate, Jaden Davis (offense), Collin Crowe, Aden Connor (defense).

WILD CATS 28, REBELS 12: Wild Cats: Bruno Lima, Evan Hofsetter (offense), Gustavo Fedele, Sebastian Sanchez (defense).

 WILD CATS 30, BRODERICK’S BOYS 27: Wild Cats: Bobby Stewart, Luke Walsh (offense), Leo Barkoff, Ryan Cunningham (defense).

 DRGDENTIST.COM 34, RESOLUTE ANESTHESIA 26: Drgdentist.com: Jordan Warris, George Bankier (offense), Joey DiMario, Dariel Carranza (defense).

DRGDENTIST.COM 34, RESOLUTE ANESTHESIA 26: Resolute Anesthesia: Ethan Cobbe (offense), Richard Coan (defense).

WILD CATS 28, REBELS 12: Wild Cats: Bruno Lima, Evan Hofsetter (offense), Gustavo Fedele, Sebastian Sanchez (defense). Rebels: Zebedee Mckee, Josh Rojas (offense), John Colella, William Lamphear (defense).

DRGDENTIST.COM 36, AWARDS BY ACADEMY 21: Awards By Academy: Phillip Bouresa, Jonah Rosenblum (offense), Matthew Santos, Luke Sutor (defense).

DIAGNOSTIC CENTERS OF AMERICA 37, NICOLAS ORTHODONTICS 28: Nicolas Orthodontics: Rene Nicolas, Jacob Ricard (offense), Joseph Wigand, Scott Carrillo (offense).

 Under 13 Boys

 GREENWALD DAVIDSON PLLL 43, BOCA REGIONAL URGENT CARE 42: Boca Regional Urgent Care: Oliver Beardsley, Jonathan Tosto (offense), David Bernstein, Juan Carlos Vila (defense). Greenwald Davidson PLLL: Daniel Littman, Aidan Nixon (offense), Alec Lubin, Josh Neimark (defense)

 ZINGERS DELICATESSEN 38, THE MIAMI BEAT 28: Zinger’s Delicatessen: Sean Gegen, Alexander Yusem (offense), Ethan Shinder, James Dijoseph (defense).

ZINGERS DELICATESSEN 49, THE BENCH WARMERS 42: The Bench Warmers: Sean Sullican, Dan Siemens (offense), Myles Ross, Ethan Hymans (defense)

 TOYCO 51, TSS PHOTOGRAPHY 37: Toyco: Jordan Reed (offense), Jehad Hamad (defense).

THE BIOSTATION 26, BOCA BEASTS 26: The Biostation: Brian Ramsey, Tre Martin (offense), Jaden Ali, Sam Jamison (defense)

TOYCO 40, THE BENCHWARMERS 34: The Benchwarmers: Kyle O’Connor, Daniel Siemens (offense), Frank Dibartolo, Colin Tyrell (defense). Toyco: Stephen Salvi (offence), Gregory Kovacs (defense).

 Under 15 boys

 HEAT 42, WARRIORS 32: Warriors: Chase Strippoli, Corey Southards (offense), Greg Boutboul, Christain Beane (defense).

PBISM PHYSICAL THERAPY 41, RUNNERS 22: PBISM Physical Therapy: Owen Scrudders (offense)

BALKAN AND PATTERSON LLP 47, FELDMAN AND GETZ LLP: Balkan and Patterson LLP: T.J Tidmore, Cody Eloi (offense), Mordechai Kesten, Cole McNally (defense).

 HEATH & CARCIOPPOLO CHTD 52, FELDMAN & GETZ LLP 37: Heath & Carcioppollo CHTD: Mason Brown, Kyle Schleifer (offense), Riley O’Conner, Sam Loria (defense).

 HEATH & CARCIOPPOLO CHTD 53, MAVERICKS 41: Heath & Carcioppolo CHTD: Mason Brown, Sam Loria (offense), Cade Tierney, Kyle Schleifer (defense).

HEAT 38, BALKAN & PATTERSON LLP 36: Balkan & Patterson LLP: David “Bear” Franklin, Patrick Gebhard (offense), Gabriel Watzler, Charlie Hutchens (defense).

 BRAVO SUPERMRKET 52, BREWZZI 49: Bravo Supermarket: Drew Koshi, Jack Scaggs (offense), John Moroney, Zachary Sadaka, Grant Hedgeman, Michael Carbone (defense).

PBISM PHYSICAL THERAPY 36, BREWZZI 31: PBISM Physical Therapy: Carson Lyttle , Owen Scrudders (offense). Brewzzi: Zachary Skoundridakis, Harrison Kay (offense), Apollo Dailey, Nicholas Boracci (defense).


 CS ADVISORS 8, TRANS GLOBAL REALTY, INC. 4: Trans Global Realty INC.: Cruz Allegianis, Josh Ronan (offense), Lincoln Graf, Abby Price (defense).

FIORINI’S FASTBREAKERS 23, THE LEARNING CENTER PRE SCHOOL 10: The Learning Center PreSchoool: Zadrian Austin (offense), Adam Bossaers (defense).

12 Sep
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The Boca Hoops Academy is now open!

The Academy is Now Open for Teaching!

When:      Sundays

Time:        6-8 PM

Where:     Saint Paul Lutheran School

Call to reserve time: 561-212-3585

Fee: $25.00 for 1 hour Session

Walk Up registration Acceptable!

The Academy

Skills Training Program

Last Boca Hoops Season, the 25th year, Boca Hoops established the Boca Hoops Academy.  The Academy is now open for its second season. The  It will be held at Saint Paul Lutheran School Gymnasium.

The Academy will provide quality instruction by a highly skilled coaching staff. The staff is comprised of head coaches of our local high school and middle school programs, as well as former college and professional basketball players. Our main focus is to teach the fundamentals, individual skill development, and understanding of the game.  Each Academy session will consist of players participating in “stations” that will teach a variety of skills including ball handling, shooting, passing, team offense, and individual/team defense concepts.. Repetition is the name of the game, and at The Academy there will be limited enrollment of players per session to ensure that each player can get a sufficient amount of teaching.

In Boca Hoops tradition, we strive to guarantee that each player who participates will take away a better understanding of fundamentals, drills for practicing at home, and most importantly they will have fun! See you at The Academy!

12 Sep
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A Boca Hoops First!

There have been many requests over the 26 years of Boca Hoops. Coaches wanting to coach certain children; Players wanting to be with certain players. Sponsors requesting coaches and  players. Once a player requested not to be on their parents sponsored team. Many requests have underlying reasons, like trying to influence the parity of teams which Boca Hoops tries to maintain.This season we have a first. The Feldman triplets, Zach, Alex and Ben, have requested to be on different teams! Is this a ploy for the Feldmans to have better odds of getting to the Tournament Finals (3 teams of a ten team division), or better odds of reaching the bottom of the division. Speaking to the Feldman Boys, Zach, Alex and Ben just want to play basketball and show off their individual skills.  Phil, their dad, feels the Feldmans have a better chance just to win a game.

2 Sep
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Boca Hoops Season Begins September 6th

The 26th Season of Boca Hoops begins Saturday, September 6th 2014.

Over 1100 players will be taking to the hardwood.

Over 200 coaches will be on the sidelines.

The Boca Hoops Board of Directors wish all of you the very best Season.

To all participants of Boca Hoops: “Good Luck” and “Have Fun”

29 Mar
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Boca Hoops Calendar

Jamboree                            August 21st, 22nd, 23rd

Season Begins                   September 5th

Season Ends                      November 1st

Tournament Begins        November 3rd

Tournament Finals         November 14th – 15th

29 Nov
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Boca Hoops Needs Sponsors for the 2014 Season!

Boca Hoops is looking for CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS for the upcoming Boca Hoops 2014 Season.

Download the sponsorship application and send it back to  Boca Hoops.



2 Oct
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ESPN’s PTI Congratulates Boca Hoops on 25 year milestone

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.07.39 PM

ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon are back for year number 25 with this Pardon The Interruption (PTI) segment to wish Boca Hoops a Happy Anniversary!

Watch the video now!

28 Sep
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Students Seeking Community Service

Students seeking community service: Students who volunteer coaching in Boca Hoops or volunteer B Ball Buddies with Hight-Five Basketball; Students who work the scorers table, either doing the scorebook or the game clock.

Here is the following instructions on receiving written community service hours from Boca Hoops.

1) Name and School

2) Keep a log of your hours

3) Type of volunteer service:

Coaching practice hours

Coaching game hours

Scoring Games Hours

Keeping Game Clock Hours

4) Where to send Community Service Hours Document

5) Send to:

E mail: community@bocahoops.com

Mail to:  Boca Hoops

c/o Community Service

PO Box 6068

Boca Raton, Fl 33427

Fax to: 750-0661


17 Sep
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Boca Hoops Courts Sites

These are the facilities that Boca Hoops uses for the 2014 Boca Hoops Season.

  • Sugar Sand Park Field House
  • Boca Raton Community High School
  • Spanish River Community High School
  • Olympic Heights Community High School
  • Boca Raton Community Middle School
  • Omni Community Middle School
  • Don Estridge High Tech Middle School
  • Saint Pauls Lutheran School

Boca Hoops wants to thank all the schools, the City of Boca Raton Recreation Services Department and the Boca Raton Beach and Parks District for their support.