31 Oct
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GBRBPD gives the approval for a second Sugar Sand Park Field House

Twenty years ago, co-founder and director of Boca Hoops, Dr. Jody Forstot lobbied for a field house at Sugar Sand Park.  After a year of presenting the case for need of more gym space for Boca Hoops and other indoor activities, the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Parks commissioners answered with our present “state of the art”,  Field House at Sugar Sand Park, that Boca Hoops calls “home”.

On October 20th, Jody Forstot went back to the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Parks commissioners and pleaded a case for a second field house. He  presented the fact that Boca Hoops enrolls over 1500 children between  recreation, travel and special needs basketball programs that is run by Boca Hoops.Dr. Forstot told commissioners that the High-Five Basketball program, the program for special needs children and young adults, has a “wait list”. The latter, Dr Forstot calls an “unconscionable” thing to deal with. Dr Forstot also asked the commissioners to relocate the present outdoor courts that are on the “temporary” parking lot area. These courts have rims that  are lower than the normal 10 foot baskets, for the many youngers that play “below” the rim, These courts are an essential practice facility for Boca Hoops.  And last, Dr Forsrtot requested better lighting in the parking lots at Sugar Sand Park and outside the Field House.  He also offered his suggestions on the design of the “new” field house facility, as he did when designing the original Field House.

Dr Forstot left the meeting hoping to hear from the commissioners at the next Beach and Parks meeting in November or December. On his way home that night, the commissioners called Dr Forstot to let him know they had approved plans for s “second” field house. OMG!

To the commissioners: Steve Engel, Dennis Frisch, Robert K. Rollins, Jr, Earl Starkoff, Susan Vogelgesang, and GBRBPD attorney, Arthur C. Koski; Boca Hoops wants to thank them all!

Boca Hoops will keep you updated on the phase 2 Field House Project.



16 Oct
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2015 Boca Hoops Travel Program: Boca Hoops Select



Do you live, breathe and sleep basketball?

Are you ready to take your basketball talent to the next level?

If you answered “YES” to the above questions, then we want you to bring your ‘A’ game to the Boca Hoops SELECT Program.

Boca Hoops SELECT is where young players, from grades 3 – 10, can work with experienced coaches and other elite players to elevate their basketball skills. The program is built on the same fundamentals and principles as Boca Hoops:

Teaching the game

Learning the game

Respecting the game

Respecting each other

 The Boca Hoops SELECT is set in a competitive environment. Players will be expected to practice 1-3x/week and travel to tournaments from Ft. Lauderdale up to Orlando. With an experienced coaching staff, indoor practices and the resources of Boca Hoops, our Travel Program raises the bar against other travel programs in the area. This is a commitment from both the players and the parents, and if you’re up for the challenge – WE WANT YOU!


Jason Forstot
Boca Hoops Select
Program Director

For Details about Boca Hoops Select, Click,  above Travel Program: Boca Hoops Select.

16 Oct
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Week #7 Boca Hoops Game Day Scores


Under 10 Girls

CLEARLYDERM 12, 4TH GENERATION ORGANIC MARKET 4: ClearlyDerm: Miranda Jefferds, Victoria Sanchez (offense), Keira McCarthy, Julia Brinley (defense).

DR PETER WOHLGEMUTH 14, BIG TOOTH BOCA 14: Dr Peter Wohlgemuth: Annabelle Strati (offense), Audrey Tindell (defense).

COMPREHENSIVE HOME CARE 15, HERITAGE INVESTMENT GROUP 9: Comprehensive Come Care: Laila Weller, Taylor Romano  (offense), Madison Romono, Katie Carignan (defense).  Heritage Investment Group: Riley Bellinger (offense), Fredreka Cycholl (defense).

DR PETER WOHLGEMUTH 15, 4TH GENERATION ORGANIC MARKET 4: Dr Peter Wohlgemuth: Lily Lopez (offense), Madison Schultes (defense).

A PLACE FOR TICKETS 20, BIG TOOTH BOCA 8: A Place For Tickets: Lexi Tantleff (offense), Rosalie Weiss (defense).

Under 12 Girls

METZGER TWIN MAULERS 19, SPANISH RIVER CHURCH 14: Metzger Twin Maulers: Camryn Costolo, Emma Schwartz (offense), Olivia Christopoul (defense).





THE COMETS 27, LEVINE DENTAL DRIBBLERS 17: The Comets: Andrea Ventura (offense), Aya Lahlous (defense).

APPLE INSURANCE 31, ALLEGIANCE HEALTH & REHAB 14: Allegiance Health & Rehab: Madison Reilly (offense), Britt Rosenstein (defense).

COMPREHENSIVE HOME CARE 32, CAMARDA BUILDER GATORS 18: Comprehensive Home Care: Katherine Steele (offense), Jenna Terzo (defense).

METZGER TWIN MAULERS 12, CAMARDA BUILDER GATORS 6: Metzger Twin Maulers: Adriana Metzger, Alicia Metzger (offense), Emma Schwartz, Nadine Ognenovich (defense).

Under 9 Boys

BISCAYNE FOODS 26, HEAT 22: Biscayne Foods: Marcus Weiss, McJeffrey Voltaire (offense), Grant Genovese, Jared Kaniuk (defense).

DC CONSTRUCTION, OLC SOLUTIONS: DC Construction: Giovanni Dellovo, Henry Harris (offense), Nate PAchter, Noah Chatoo (defense).

PROSKAUER 27, EXPAND THE ROOM 14.  Proskauer: Nick, Luke (offense), Sean, Michael (defense).

PROSKAUER 31, CPD HARRIS ATHLETICS 16: Proskauer: Luke, Sean (offense), Joey, Sebastian (defense).

PROSKAUER 31, DC CONSTRUCTION 27: Proskauer: Joey, PJ (offense), Joey, Sean (defense).

PROSKAUER 29, AZMATACKERS 27: Proskauer: Luke Sadaka, Nicolas Fakhoury (offense), Sean Reid, Joey (defense).

Under 11 Boys

HEAT 25, REBELS 18: Rebels: Benny Frost, Brendan Bernstein (offense), Max Zum-Tobel, TJ Colella (defense).

AWARDS BY ACADEMY 28, DIAGNOSTIC CENTERS OF AMERICA 25: Awards By Academy: Connor Tyrell, Phillip Bouressa (offense), Matthew Santos, Brosy Sheiner (defense).

DOC JOX 30, LAVALLE BROWN & RONAN 19: Doc Jox: Lucas Orozco, David Coffer, Hayden Carson (offense), Hayden Carson, Kevin Vaz Cuhna, Cole Corrigan (defense).

MOSS & ASSOCIATES 20, NICOLAS ORTHODONTICS 15: Nicolas Orthodontics: Ethan Strati, Sean Lucus (offense), Rene Nicolas, Ali Jafri (defense).

DC CONSTRUCTION 43, BOCA HEAT 30: DC Construction: Aden Connor, Jaden Davis (offense), Avi Whiteman, Riley Roberts (defense).

TOYCO 35, BOCA COLOR GRAPHICS 16: Boca Color Graphics: Jaelan Bernard, Johnny Havelka (offense), John Crosara, Nate Fox (defense).

HEAT 25, TEAM INFERNO 11: Heat: Josh Wolf, Johnny Shavitz (offense), Joseph Bastone, Alec Samra (defense).

PALM BEACH PAIN 76ERS 32, REBELS 29: Rebels: Sal Federico, Benny Frost (offense), William Lamphear, Vaughn Komorech (defense).

BOCA COLOR GRAPHICS 21, NICOLAS ORTHODONTICS 18: Boca Color Graphics: Joey Jenkins, Joseph Mollica (offense), Mathew Smiciklas, Preston Thorton (defense).

DRGDENTIST.COM 24, WARRIORS 21: Warriors: Andrew Klimek, Matthew Portner (offense), Joshua Radoff-Armacida, Matthew Portner (defense). Drgdentist.com: Jordan Warris, Kai Chauhan (offense), George Bankier, Dariel Carranza.

MOSS & ASSOCIATES 27, WARRIORS 24: Warriors: Chase Mehler, Ian Spring (offense), Yanic Balaguer, Cole Shields (defense).

DOC JOX 30, DIAGNOSTIC CENTERS OF AMERICA 30: Doc Jox: Caden Garcia, Brendan Myers (offense), Spencer Vogel, Justin Gottlieb (defense).

EXCELL AUTO GROUP 44, DRGDENTIST.COM 37: Drgdentist.com: Jordan Warris, Joey DiMario (offense), Dariel Carranza, Kai Chauhan (defense).

Under 13 Boys

JAMMERS 45, TEAM VICTORY 36: Team Victory: Michael Mulhall, Nick Evers (offense), Tyler Field (defense).

ANDREW M SCHWARTZ LEGAL TEAM 38, THE BENCHWARMERS 28: The Benchwarmers: Frank Dibartolo, Nate Alperi (offense), Jordan Juliano, Myles Ross (defense).  Andrew M Schwartz Legal Team: Logan Aleegianis, Mohammad Tamjid (offense), Robbie Lastella, Jasper Schwartz (defense).

BOCA REGIONAL URGENT CARE 43, THE BIOSTATION 30: Boca Regional Urgent Care: Gabe Melendez, Oliver Beardsley (offense), Vincent Carignan, John Jenkins (defense).

JAMES’ WARRIORS 41, TOYCO 27: Toyco: Zach Weiner (offense), Baron Juncal-Poindexter (defense).  James’ Warriors: Nick Apparicio, Alex Schwartz (offense), Justin Rothberg, Spencer Waldshan (defense).

ANDREW M SCHWARTZ LEGAL TEAM 38, TEAM VICTORY 11: Andrew M Schwartz Legal Team: Mohammad Tamjid (offense).

ANDREW M SCHWARTZ LEGAL TEAM 36, TSS PHOTOGRAPHY 22: Schwartz Legal Team: Jasper Schwartz, Mohammad Tamjid (offense), Jordan Abrahams (defense).

TAR HEELS 47, BOCA RATON OBSERVER 21: Tar Heels: Sawyer Feller, Dylan Svirsky (offense), Dylan Francisco, Aaron Osouna (defense).

JAMMERS 35, BOCA FIRE 28: Jammers: Michael Mulhall, Dylan Bodden (offense), Devon Bodden, Chetan Yarlagadda (defense).

LAVALLE BROWN & RONAN 47, THE BENCHWARMERS 34: The Benchwarmers: Sean Sullivan, Ben Shavitz (offense), Frank DiBartolo, Myles Ross (defense).

BOCA REGIONAL URGENT CARE 41, THE BIOSTATION 23: The Biostation: Jackson Bloom (offense), Jackson Bloom (defense).

THE BIOSTATION 42, THE MIAMI BEAT 28: The Biostation: Steven Cutler, Jaden Ali (offense), Mac Jamison (defense).

Under 15 Boys

FELDMAN & GETZ LLP 50, BALKAN & PATTERSON LLP 44: Balkan & Patterson LLP: Charlie Hutchens, TJ Tidmore (offense), Gabriel Wetzler, Cody Eloi (defense).

HEATH & CARCIOPPOLO CHTD 43, BALKAN & PATTERSON LLP 41: Heath & Carcioppolo Chtd: Mason Brown, Riley O’Connor (offense), Sam Loria, Cade Tierney (defense).  Balkan & Patterson LLP: Charlie Hutchens, Cody Eloi (offense), Cole McNelly, Mordechai Kesten (defense).

BRAVO SUPERMARKET 41, MAVERICKS 33: Bravo Supermarket: Michael Carbone, Drew Koshi (offense), John Moroney, Lorenzo Romano (defense).

BREWZZI 44, FELDMAN & GETZ LLP 33: Brewzzi: Dylan Bradley, Apollo Dailey (offense), Nicholas Boracci, Alex Manolakos (defense).  Feldman & Getz LLP: Michael Walsh, Brandon Deherrera (offense), Evan Bach, Houston Barenholtz (defense).

HEAT 45, RUNNERS 36: Heat: Alex, David, Luke (offense), Alex, Luke, David, Chris, Phillip (defense).

HEAT 33, WARRIORS 28: Heat: John, Luke, David, Phillip (offense), David, Luke, John, Phillip (defense).

BRAVO SUPERMARKET 49, RUNNERS 44: Zach Feldman (offense), Matthew Keyser, Steve Swann (defense).

HEAT 37, PBISM PHYSICAL THERAPY 36: Heat: Alex, David, Luke (offense), Alex, Luke, David, John (defense).

All scores can be found in the Sunday Edition of the Sun Sentinel, Community Section: Sports.


1 Oct
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Boca Hoops Corporate Sponsors 2014

Corporate Sponsors

Nurse On Call

T Shirt Expression


Boca Storage

Bakery& Cakery (Alumni)

Just Shoe N’ Me

Comprehensive Home Health

Palm Beach Institute of Sports Medicine (Alumni)

Flannigan’s Seafood Bar & Grill

Nixon Exteriors

Model Row Landscape Services

Awards by Academy

Flagcraft, Inc.

Michael Cecere, CPA

Tents N Events

Boca Storage

Get Sweaty

Rheumatology Associates of S. Fl


David Riggs Attorney at Law

MCL Consultants Inc

Biscayne Food Service (Alumni)

TSS Photographs

Osteoporosis Diagnostic & Treatment Center

Boca Air Conditioning, Heating & Ventilation, Inc. (Alumni)

29 Mar
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Boca Hoops Calendar

Jamboree                            August 21st, 22nd, 23rd

Season Begins                   September 5th

Season Ends                      November 1st

Tournament Begins        November 3rd

Tournament Finals         November 15th

2 Oct
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ESPN’s PTI Congratulates Boca Hoops on 25 year milestone

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.07.39 PM

ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon are back for year number 25 with this Pardon The Interruption (PTI) segment to wish Boca Hoops a Happy Anniversary!

Watch the video now!

28 Sep
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Students Seeking Community Service

Students seeking community service: Students who volunteer coaching in Boca Hoops or volunteer B Ball Buddies with Hight-Five Basketball; Students who work the scorers table, either doing the scorebook or the game clock.

Here is the following instructions on receiving written community service hours from Boca Hoops.

1) Name and School

2) Keep a log of your hours

3) Type of volunteer service:

Coaching practice hours

Coaching game hours

Scoring Games Hours

Keeping Game Clock Hours

4) Where to send Community Service Hours Document

5) Send to:

E mail: community@bocahoops.com

Mail to:  Boca Hoops

c/o Community Service

PO Box 6068

Boca Raton, Fl 33427

Fax to: 750-0661


17 Sep
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Boca Hoops Courts Sites

These are the facilities that Boca Hoops uses for the 2014 Boca Hoops Season.

  • Sugar Sand Park Field House
  • Boca Raton Community High School
  • Spanish River Community High School
  • Olympic Heights Community High School
  • Boca Raton Community Middle School
  • Omni Community Middle School
  • Don Estridge High Tech Middle School
  • Saint Pauls Lutheran School

Boca Hoops wants to thank all the schools, the City of Boca Raton Recreation Services Department and the Boca Raton Beach and Parks District for their support.